Friday, June 25, 2010

Introducing FAB 3000 DFM

"World's Best Gerber Viewing and DFM Solution."

While most PCB Layout tools are very good at performing DRC (Design rules check), they rarely capture many common DFM (design for manufacturing) problems that are hidden in the physical artwork (i.e. gerber, drill files). It's the artwork which is ultimately used to manufacture your boards (not the PCB Layout database) and any hidden problems in your artwork WILL AFFECT the manufacturability and yield of your boards. This is why using a Gerber Viewer has been so popular with PCB designers, but unless you have eyes like a hawk, simply staring at gerber files (containing hundreds of signals & thru holes) inside a free viewer is just an invitation for mistakes. FAB 3000 DFM is your protection against these common DFM problems and mistakes. For more information, please view the following link:

Note: FAB 3000 DFM is basically a "beefed-up" Free Gerber Viewer plus DFM engine used by engineers who want to do more than view: such as quickly perform manufacturing checks on the Gerbers, compare designs, load ODB++, etc. FAB 3000 DFM also has a direct link with EasyGerb and ACE 3000, so you can instantly view your results.

Note: FAB 3000 SuperView has been renamed to FAB 3000 DFM (on June 28th, 2010).

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