Saturday, June 18, 2011

DFM Now! - A “Win-Win” situation for both the PCB Designer and Manufacturer

By Simon Garrison, Numerical Innovations (a Division of Caneberra Technologies, Inc.)

We have recently introduced a new product called DFM Now!, which is targeted to help facilitate the ordering process between the PCB Designer and Manufacturer. The two biggest road blocks in the PCB Ordering process are when the Gerber files (provided by the designer) contain any "show stoppers" (i.e. DFM or Net errors which prevent the manufacturer from making the board ), and the time required by the PCB Manufacturer to extract all of the necessary information from the gerber files to accurately quote the manufacturing cost for the board.

DFM Now! is a one-of-a-kind product with a unique new concept: Put all that Power in the hands of the PCB designer - absolutely Free!

Truthfully speaking, PCB designers want to be sure they are sending good data to PCB manufacturers, they just need to know how and then be provided with the correct tools to get the job done as stated below: "I figure it's my responsibility anyway to provide correct gerbers, and not depend on outsiders to check my work." - Garry Motter, Engineering Manager at SciMeasure Analytical Systems, Inc.

With DFM Now! PCB designers can analyze their Gerber files for fabrication and netlist issues beforehand, to prevent scrap and revision spins. For companies with security restrictions, there is no worry about having to send over their valuable designs to outsiders via the internet and wait for the DFM results; they can now simply perform all the checks securely on their
own desktop. In addition, DFM Now! extracts all of the critical design information needed, so quotations can be quickly created by the PCB manufacturer.

Time is Money... and many PCB Designs can take hundreds of hours to complete from start-to-finish. Why not take an additional 20 minutes to thoroughly check your Gerbers with DFM Now! before sending to manufacturing? DFM Now! results in a “Win-Win” situation for both the PCB Designer and Manufacturer. It can be downloaded free of charge at

DFM Now! is completely independent and not aligned with any one PCB manufacturer, so there is no hidden push to force designers to use a specific manufacturer. DFM Now! was designed to be an open market system for the PCB industry, so any company may advertise inside DFM Now! free of charge. For more information about advertising in DFM Now! visit,