Sunday, October 16, 2011

PCB West Exhibition 2011 - Santa Clara, CA

This year, Numerical Innovations, attended the PCB West Conference that was held September 27 - 29, 2011 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

The exhibit floor was open for one day only - Wednesday the 28th, with lots of activity at our booth.

Simon was in full demonstration mode with DFM Now! our featured product,showing many of the Engineers and Designers how DFM Now! works. While both Steve and I worked the floor, talking to and answering questions from everyone who stopped by.

We had a pretty amazing day, re-connecting with the PCB Industry and had a lot of fun doing what we do best!

Thank you to everyone who made it a success and a big shout-out to the crew at UP Media for a great show, see you next year at PCB West 2012!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Give Value First, Don't Add It!

By Miranda Yip
Sales Manager - Numerical Innovations

Why do your customers choose your product or services? Is it because you're cheaper than Companies A & B? Or, because you can do the job faster? Both options are taken into consideration, but both are not the final reasons why you're chosen for the job.

The bottom line is - your product and services are seen as valuable stepping stones needed to take, in order to help your customers business become more
productive and successful.

Give Value First, Don't add it!

Make this your Motto and Mission Statement. It is super important to stop thinking about what's in it for me and start by thinking about what's best for your customer.

Remember, Value is not something you add-on! Value is something done for the customer, in favor of the customer. (Jeffrey Gitomer)

To become recognized as a business of Value you must give first! Here at Numerical Innovations, our example of Value is DFM Now!

DFM Now! is a tool for both Engineers and Designers to use, that ensures their Gerber's and Drill files are correct - Prior to manufacturing.

With DFM Now! every user is able to run a DFM Check, Extract & Compare Nets, Copper Area Calculation, send instant RFQ and more. All of this, for free.

The next time you're face to face with a potential new customer, jump right in and give Value first. Offer helpful advice and ask key questions to find out what their goals are and what they really wish to accomplish by using your product or services.

By giving Value first, you will become recognized as a valuable and resourceful place of business. You will find that your customers will like you, trust you, buy from you and even recommend you to their friends.

Don't wait for your customer to ask for help, Beat them to the punch and give Value first - Don't Add it!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

OEM/Custom Software, helping your company reach a finished product!

Summer has almost come to an end and for most of us and it's back to the desk and drawing board. Today, I've picked a pretty hidden topic and service we provide that not so many may know about: OEM/Custom Software!

What is OEM/Custom Software?
Well OEM stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturer"and OEM Software is a phrase that refers to software that is sold to Companies in large quantities, for the purpose of bundling with computer software/hardware. One of the reasons a company request OEM/Custom Software to be built in the first place, is because there is a particular job that needs to be done and specialized software is required to specifically suit the companies needs - More of a tailored fit, so to speak. Sometimes small and large companies need more than what's readily available in retail software packages.

And that's where we step in and work our magic!

Project Types
We can handle anything you throw at us, but here's a glimpse at some of the work we specialize in:
* CAD Translators - Let us build a custom DLL or library which will allows your existing software tool to import or export any CAD format.
* PCB Design Tool - Perfect for PCB Fabricators who wish to offer their customers more value than just boards.
* Layout Visualization Tools - Add a powerful visual interface into your software tool.
* DFM Solution - Need a solution that detects potential problems in a Design/Layout before sending out to manufacturing?
* CAD/CAM Controller - Does your company create a Laser cutter, Inkjet Printer, or other device that could benefit from increased opportunities in the electronics industry. And so Much More.
The options listed above gives you an idea of what we are capable of and more. If you need something else, just ask us - we're here to help you!

OEM vs In-house
In most cases, the cost to build OEM/Custom software from scratch can be quite costly. But here's where it get's even better, We've already written 70% of the code your company needs. This enables us to offer robust solutions for a fraction of the cost & time; when compared to your company developing them in-house.

Customer List
Here are a few Companies who have chosen us to provide specialized software to assist them with their work.
* FUJIFILM: We developed an OEM version of ACE 3000 for their Dimatix printer with a custom bitmap output to meet FUJIFILM's advanced requirements. FUJIFILM can now handle ODB++, Gerber, DWG, DXF, GDSII and output directly to their Dimatix printers; opening the door for increased opportunities in the electronics industry.
* Schmid & Partner Engineering AG: We built a custom DLL allowing SEMCAD X to import Gerber, ODB++, and GDSII files; allowing SEMCAD X to now perform complex simulation for EMC/EMI testing on various electronic circuits.
* Anaren Microwave: We built a vital AutoCAD ARX conversion utility used everyday by their engineering staff . And More.

Tips to Consider
So now that I've go you thinking about OEM/Custom Software – So now what?
Here are a few helpful pointers to think about before requesting OEM/Custom Software:
* What is my Project Type? (see above)
* Do I have a set Time-frame for purchasing your OEM Custom Software?
* Is this for commercial or in-house use?
* How many license do I need?
* What is my Companies Budget?

Remember, by giving us as much information possible, will help us with providing your company the solution you need to reach your finished product.

Our code is of the highest quality and has been employed in many products and solutions used by thousands of companies around the world and we look forward to working with you.

If you're ready to submit a Request for OEM/Custom Software, use the link below to tell us all about it:


Miranda Yip
Sales Manager

Thursday, July 28, 2011

4 Key Rules for Next-Generation Advertising

By Miranda Yip
Sales Manager - Numerical Innovations

1. Target & Exposure

Before we jump right into the deep end ask yourself this: Am I targeting the right people? Is my Target audience connecting with the marketing material I'm using? Am I providing a solution to help fix a major problem?
If you've answered Yes, Yes & Yes - Great!

The next step then is simple, Exposure, Exposure, Exposure and do this at least 7 x times!!

Although it may not be cast in stone, the truth is you can't just depend on a single marketing strategy and be done with it. You have to keep pressing on and pursuing your target audience at least 7 x times by placing yourself in front of them, before it really sinks in and captures the audiences attention.

2. Information Overload

Firstly to get a message across to any human being is a process. The mind is bombarded with thousands of commercials & advertising campaigns every single day, that your audience has put up a wall and grown thick skin and learn to ignore the overload of information and noise.

The secret here is to STAND out and lead with a solution to their problems, keep your name and brand in sight at all times and repeat this 7 x times! Just like the old saying goes "Out of Sight, Out of Mind." Don't fall into this trap.

3. Prove the Value

Next, it must always be remembered that in these tough economic times, price is a very big player in the game of advertising. But the truth behind the line "I'm not sure if I need this" just means, the prospect has not been sold on the value behind the service or product being offered. But, I'm sure if you could provide 7 x valuable reasons, why there was a need for what's offered, there wouldn't be a problem finding the money to pay.

That's why it's crucial to keep advertising. Keep your name and brand in sight at all times, so that money isn't a concern because the value has already been proven.

4. Trust

So now that you've cut through all the noise and proven why there's a need for your product or service, comes the hardest wall of all to get over. Prospects have to like you and trust you in order to buy from you!

The reality is, it takes time for people to get to know you. Once they know you, they need time to get to like you and your business. Once they trust you and you've provided value - only then will they be ready to buy.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

DFM Now! - A “Win-Win” situation for both the PCB Designer and Manufacturer

By Simon Garrison, Numerical Innovations (a Division of Caneberra Technologies, Inc.)

We have recently introduced a new product called DFM Now!, which is targeted to help facilitate the ordering process between the PCB Designer and Manufacturer. The two biggest road blocks in the PCB Ordering process are when the Gerber files (provided by the designer) contain any "show stoppers" (i.e. DFM or Net errors which prevent the manufacturer from making the board ), and the time required by the PCB Manufacturer to extract all of the necessary information from the gerber files to accurately quote the manufacturing cost for the board.

DFM Now! is a one-of-a-kind product with a unique new concept: Put all that Power in the hands of the PCB designer - absolutely Free!

Truthfully speaking, PCB designers want to be sure they are sending good data to PCB manufacturers, they just need to know how and then be provided with the correct tools to get the job done as stated below: "I figure it's my responsibility anyway to provide correct gerbers, and not depend on outsiders to check my work." - Garry Motter, Engineering Manager at SciMeasure Analytical Systems, Inc.

With DFM Now! PCB designers can analyze their Gerber files for fabrication and netlist issues beforehand, to prevent scrap and revision spins. For companies with security restrictions, there is no worry about having to send over their valuable designs to outsiders via the internet and wait for the DFM results; they can now simply perform all the checks securely on their
own desktop. In addition, DFM Now! extracts all of the critical design information needed, so quotations can be quickly created by the PCB manufacturer.

Time is Money... and many PCB Designs can take hundreds of hours to complete from start-to-finish. Why not take an additional 20 minutes to thoroughly check your Gerbers with DFM Now! before sending to manufacturing? DFM Now! results in a “Win-Win” situation for both the PCB Designer and Manufacturer. It can be downloaded free of charge at

DFM Now! is completely independent and not aligned with any one PCB manufacturer, so there is no hidden push to force designers to use a specific manufacturer. DFM Now! was designed to be an open market system for the PCB industry, so any company may advertise inside DFM Now! free of charge. For more information about advertising in DFM Now! visit,

Saturday, March 19, 2011

FAB 3000 DFM: The most powerful and affordable DFM solution available.

Our goal is to provide the most powerful and affordable DFM solution available. This latest version of FAB 3000 DFM achieves our goal by incorporating new features that are only found on CAM software costing thousands of dollars. Here's a brief listing of the new features:

DFM Capabilities have been expanded - Now includes a Full-Featured DRC/DFM Checker which finds the following DFM Errros:

* Basic DRC (Air Gap, Minimum Annular Ring, etc.)
* Profile Check
* Find Non-Functional Pads
* Find Isolated Connections
* Find Silkscreen over Solder Mask
* NC Drill Check (Find Double/Missing Hits, Touching hole, etc.)

DRC Browser Dialog to View all warnings & violations
* "Zoom to" each individual DFM error.
* "Browse" each individual DFM error as they are categorized in easy to understand groups .
* A detailed description is given for each DFM error telling you exactly what is wrong.

Generate PDF Report file for DFM Check warnings & violations.
* A detailed description is given for each DFM error telling you exactly what is wrong.
* Easy to share with colleagues and customers.

Extract Netlist from your Gerbers & Drill.
* Extract Netlist using Vector, Raster, and Contour methods (handles Polygons, Composites, Blind/Buried Vias, etc).
Note: Other CAM software tools only give you the low-end Vector Extraction method unless you pay thousands of dollars for their high-end CAM software. With FAB 3000 you get them all!
* Show all objects that are electronically connected across the entire design.
* A neatly organized list of all extracted nets is displayed and you have to ability to view each net individually using modes: Select, Highlight, and Isolate.

Netlist Import
* Easily import any IPC-D-356/A netlist file.
* All netlist test points (Top and Bottom) are visibly displayed within the FAB 3000 GUI. You can adjust their size and color.
* Ability to move & transform the imported netlist in the event the netlist data was generate with different coordinates from the gerber. This assures that your Netlist will align correctly with gerber/drills everytime.

Netlist Comparison.
* Ensure Your Design Integrity. Nowadays there is an ever growing need to verify PCB designs electrically. Netlist comparison is the most efficient and reliable method of ensuring design integrity has been maintained during the manufacturing stages. This feature alone costs over $5000 on competitive CAM software tools.
* Generate PDF Report for Netlist Comparison errors.

Add Dimensions and Redline Markup.

Create a Fab Drawing from the drill data.

Copper Area Calculation

FAB 3000 DFM is affordable, only $250