Thursday, July 28, 2011

4 Key Rules for Next-Generation Advertising

By Miranda Yip
Sales Manager - Numerical Innovations

1. Target & Exposure

Before we jump right into the deep end ask yourself this: Am I targeting the right people? Is my Target audience connecting with the marketing material I'm using? Am I providing a solution to help fix a major problem?
If you've answered Yes, Yes & Yes - Great!

The next step then is simple, Exposure, Exposure, Exposure and do this at least 7 x times!!

Although it may not be cast in stone, the truth is you can't just depend on a single marketing strategy and be done with it. You have to keep pressing on and pursuing your target audience at least 7 x times by placing yourself in front of them, before it really sinks in and captures the audiences attention.

2. Information Overload

Firstly to get a message across to any human being is a process. The mind is bombarded with thousands of commercials & advertising campaigns every single day, that your audience has put up a wall and grown thick skin and learn to ignore the overload of information and noise.

The secret here is to STAND out and lead with a solution to their problems, keep your name and brand in sight at all times and repeat this 7 x times! Just like the old saying goes "Out of Sight, Out of Mind." Don't fall into this trap.

3. Prove the Value

Next, it must always be remembered that in these tough economic times, price is a very big player in the game of advertising. But the truth behind the line "I'm not sure if I need this" just means, the prospect has not been sold on the value behind the service or product being offered. But, I'm sure if you could provide 7 x valuable reasons, why there was a need for what's offered, there wouldn't be a problem finding the money to pay.

That's why it's crucial to keep advertising. Keep your name and brand in sight at all times, so that money isn't a concern because the value has already been proven.

4. Trust

So now that you've cut through all the noise and proven why there's a need for your product or service, comes the hardest wall of all to get over. Prospects have to like you and trust you in order to buy from you!

The reality is, it takes time for people to get to know you. Once they know you, they need time to get to like you and your business. Once they trust you and you've provided value - only then will they be ready to buy.