Tuesday, August 9, 2011

OEM/Custom Software, helping your company reach a finished product!

Summer has almost come to an end and for most of us and it's back to the desk and drawing board. Today, I've picked a pretty hidden topic and service we provide that not so many may know about: OEM/Custom Software!

What is OEM/Custom Software?
Well OEM stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturer"and OEM Software is a phrase that refers to software that is sold to Companies in large quantities, for the purpose of bundling with computer software/hardware. One of the reasons a company request OEM/Custom Software to be built in the first place, is because there is a particular job that needs to be done and specialized software is required to specifically suit the companies needs - More of a tailored fit, so to speak. Sometimes small and large companies need more than what's readily available in retail software packages.

And that's where we step in and work our magic!

Project Types
We can handle anything you throw at us, but here's a glimpse at some of the work we specialize in:
* CAD Translators - Let us build a custom DLL or library which will allows your existing software tool to import or export any CAD format.
* PCB Design Tool - Perfect for PCB Fabricators who wish to offer their customers more value than just boards.
* Layout Visualization Tools - Add a powerful visual interface into your software tool.
* DFM Solution - Need a solution that detects potential problems in a Design/Layout before sending out to manufacturing?
* CAD/CAM Controller - Does your company create a Laser cutter, Inkjet Printer, or other device that could benefit from increased opportunities in the electronics industry. And so Much More.
The options listed above gives you an idea of what we are capable of and more. If you need something else, just ask us - we're here to help you!

OEM vs In-house
In most cases, the cost to build OEM/Custom software from scratch can be quite costly. But here's where it get's even better, We've already written 70% of the code your company needs. This enables us to offer robust solutions for a fraction of the cost & time; when compared to your company developing them in-house.

Customer List
Here are a few Companies who have chosen us to provide specialized software to assist them with their work.
* FUJIFILM: We developed an OEM version of ACE 3000 for their Dimatix printer with a custom bitmap output to meet FUJIFILM's advanced requirements. FUJIFILM can now handle ODB++, Gerber, DWG, DXF, GDSII and output directly to their Dimatix printers; opening the door for increased opportunities in the electronics industry.
* Schmid & Partner Engineering AG: We built a custom DLL allowing SEMCAD X to import Gerber, ODB++, and GDSII files; allowing SEMCAD X to now perform complex simulation for EMC/EMI testing on various electronic circuits.
* Anaren Microwave: We built a vital AutoCAD ARX conversion utility used everyday by their engineering staff . And More.

Tips to Consider
So now that I've go you thinking about OEM/Custom Software – So now what?
Here are a few helpful pointers to think about before requesting OEM/Custom Software:
* What is my Project Type? (see above)
* Do I have a set Time-frame for purchasing your OEM Custom Software?
* Is this for commercial or in-house use?
* How many license do I need?
* What is my Companies Budget?

Remember, by giving us as much information possible, will help us with providing your company the solution you need to reach your finished product.

Our code is of the highest quality and has been employed in many products and solutions used by thousands of companies around the world and we look forward to working with you.

If you're ready to submit a Request for OEM/Custom Software, use the link below to tell us all about it:


Miranda Yip
Sales Manager