Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Give Value First, Don't Add It!

By Miranda Yip
Sales Manager - Numerical Innovations

Why do your customers choose your product or services? Is it because you're cheaper than Companies A & B? Or, because you can do the job faster? Both options are taken into consideration, but both are not the final reasons why you're chosen for the job.

The bottom line is - your product and services are seen as valuable stepping stones needed to take, in order to help your customers business become more
productive and successful.

Give Value First, Don't add it!

Make this your Motto and Mission Statement. It is super important to stop thinking about what's in it for me and start by thinking about what's best for your customer.

Remember, Value is not something you add-on! Value is something done for the customer, in favor of the customer. (Jeffrey Gitomer)

To become recognized as a business of Value you must give first! Here at Numerical Innovations, our example of Value is DFM Now!

DFM Now! is a tool for both Engineers and Designers to use, that ensures their Gerber's and Drill files are correct - Prior to manufacturing.

With DFM Now! every user is able to run a DFM Check, Extract & Compare Nets, Copper Area Calculation, send instant RFQ and more. All of this, for free.

The next time you're face to face with a potential new customer, jump right in and give Value first. Offer helpful advice and ask key questions to find out what their goals are and what they really wish to accomplish by using your product or services.

By giving Value first, you will become recognized as a valuable and resourceful place of business. You will find that your customers will like you, trust you, buy from you and even recommend you to their friends.

Don't wait for your customer to ask for help, Beat them to the punch and give Value first - Don't Add it!