Saturday, March 19, 2011

FAB 3000 DFM: The most powerful and affordable DFM solution available.

Our goal is to provide the most powerful and affordable DFM solution available. This latest version of FAB 3000 DFM achieves our goal by incorporating new features that are only found on CAM software costing thousands of dollars. Here's a brief listing of the new features:

DFM Capabilities have been expanded - Now includes a Full-Featured DRC/DFM Checker which finds the following DFM Errros:

* Basic DRC (Air Gap, Minimum Annular Ring, etc.)
* Profile Check
* Find Non-Functional Pads
* Find Isolated Connections
* Find Silkscreen over Solder Mask
* NC Drill Check (Find Double/Missing Hits, Touching hole, etc.)

DRC Browser Dialog to View all warnings & violations
* "Zoom to" each individual DFM error.
* "Browse" each individual DFM error as they are categorized in easy to understand groups .
* A detailed description is given for each DFM error telling you exactly what is wrong.

Generate PDF Report file for DFM Check warnings & violations.
* A detailed description is given for each DFM error telling you exactly what is wrong.
* Easy to share with colleagues and customers.

Extract Netlist from your Gerbers & Drill.
* Extract Netlist using Vector, Raster, and Contour methods (handles Polygons, Composites, Blind/Buried Vias, etc).
Note: Other CAM software tools only give you the low-end Vector Extraction method unless you pay thousands of dollars for their high-end CAM software. With FAB 3000 you get them all!
* Show all objects that are electronically connected across the entire design.
* A neatly organized list of all extracted nets is displayed and you have to ability to view each net individually using modes: Select, Highlight, and Isolate.

Netlist Import
* Easily import any IPC-D-356/A netlist file.
* All netlist test points (Top and Bottom) are visibly displayed within the FAB 3000 GUI. You can adjust their size and color.
* Ability to move & transform the imported netlist in the event the netlist data was generate with different coordinates from the gerber. This assures that your Netlist will align correctly with gerber/drills everytime.

Netlist Comparison.
* Ensure Your Design Integrity. Nowadays there is an ever growing need to verify PCB designs electrically. Netlist comparison is the most efficient and reliable method of ensuring design integrity has been maintained during the manufacturing stages. This feature alone costs over $5000 on competitive CAM software tools.
* Generate PDF Report for Netlist Comparison errors.

Add Dimensions and Redline Markup.

Create a Fab Drawing from the drill data.

Copper Area Calculation

FAB 3000 DFM is affordable, only $250