Wednesday, June 30, 2010

FAB 3000: Use Import Matrix to simplify Gerber Import and Layer configuration

The FAB 3000 Import Matrix File permits external tools (like PCB Layout software) to predefine layers and jobs for intelligent loading into FAB 3000 for instant Gerber Viewing & Verification. This prevents the PCB designers from having to perform the monotonous steps of loading Gerber & Drill files, assigning layer colors, assigning layer types, defining layer stack ups, defining blind/buried drill layers (if required), etc. The Import Matrix file allows PCB designers to easily use Gerber/CAM software for its primary purpose... to quickly verify their gerbers & drills are ready for manufacturing.

I will provide links containing the basic elements of the FAB 3000 Import Matrix File along with all available options and descriptions.

Matrix Rules:

RULE #1: LAYER arrays are Always defined first.
RULE #2: JOB arrays are defined after LAYER arrays
RULE #3: PANEL arrays are defined Last

Sample Matrix Files:

Matrix File Definition:

Fields in the DFMCHECKER array:

Sample C++ Code for calling FAB 3000 with Import Matrix File:

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